Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DragonCon 2013: Seriously, Bro Edition

DragonCon 2013 was a blast. Ran around, crashed a couple photo shoots, worked the Gamer Concepts booth, meet some amazing new people, managed to find a dance party, and had a Disney sing-a-long. I also managed to bust out a bunch of fun costumes last minute!

Here is a pictorial recap of all my outfits and some of my favorite moments.

Party Aquaman

L to R: Jesse Quick (me), The Flash, Reverse Flash, Weather Wizard, Captain Boomerang

Punk Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

L to R: Spock, New Friend Dave, Scotty (Me)

Double the Scottys, Double the fun!


It's cool guys! Velma has the booze!

Jesse Quick and Speedy

Scotty and Mockingbird (aka Partybird!)

Spock and Scotty

Gender Bent Photo Shoot Group Shot

The Rogues capture the Flashes!

Star Trek Photo Shoot Group Shot