Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Merrily we roll along

 Things have been happening since I last updated.

Star Command Season 2 was filmed and is now into post-production. The season is absolutely brilliant and I cannot wait to see the final product! I have some shots of costumes up on my deviantart and of course there are lots of fun goodies and such on the Star Command facebook page.

Started at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) for New media Art. So far so good, as you can see.

2nd highest! #likeaboss
Taking Intro to Drawing this semester and it is making me a better drawer. I mean I am starting to actually like the things I am drawing, which is pretty freaking sweet.

charcoal on newsprint 

I am once again stage managing for NFDC. We are about a week and a half into rehearsals for King Lear. This time I am slightly more put together than normal and have added to my duties some things that I have not had to actively due since UWG (aka rehearsal reports).

The cast is really sweet and I am really looking forward to diving ever deeper into this play with them. I am also excited to have an ASM this show to teach my ways. Then she can combine her ways with mine and be ever better and more awesome.

All for now. I shall try to not fall off the face of the earth for so long but I make zero promises.

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