Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tutorial: Needle Book

So my sewing box is full of things that I have to have with me but are in packages that are hard to store or take up much more space then it needs to. So I am on a constant mission to keep my sewing box clean, neat and organized.

One item that I have a few of and knew I could condense down was hand needles. I have 3 or 4 packages of them in my sewing box which is kind of ridiculous. So I decided to fix this problem by creating a Needle Book and figured I would bring you along for the ride. So let's hop to!

Needle Book Tutorial


- scrap of fabric
- felt
-ruler & marking tool
-Needle and thread or sewing machine

1. Cut a rectangle from the fabric and felt 6.5" x 5". I like to create patterns so I created the rectangle out of dot fabric before cutting the rectangle from the fabric. You can skip that step and just use the ruler and marking tool (such a chalk) to mark out the rectangle.

2. Cut a 3.5" x 3" rectangle out of the fabric on the fold.

3. Pin the fabric and felt right sides together.

4. Sew the felt and fabric together leaving a gap a little bigger then 3.5" for turning and attaching the flap. Clip corners before turning.

5. After you flip it right side out, poke corners out and iron it flat.

6. Do the same steps for the flap then slip it into the part you left open in the body of the book. Pin the flap down and then top stitch all the way around the body.

(My camera battery died at this point so sorry for the jump in pics and new wood background.)

7. Create a button hole in the flap and sew the button on the opposite part of the rectangle where the button hole lands.

8. Close up the needle book and iron it down so that it stays folded nicely. Don't iron on the button though.

9. Slip all your needles into the needle book. 

You're done!

Now you have all your needles in one place that's very small, light and compact. Plus it adds a bit of style to your sewing box or is a lovely gift for the sewer in your life.



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  1. I've got to make one of these for myself.

    Also, I need to take a week's vacation and hole up with you to sew up all this damn fabric I own.

    Or will own. I've bought like YARDS AND YARDS of Marimekko. I know. I have a problem.