Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Behind the Seams

So I have been doing the online course Blog Love, which I am very much enjoying. It has allowed me to come up with some things I would like to do on this blog and Behind the Seams is one of them.

Today I thought I would share some fun facts about myself and the silly things I do.

1. I constantly wear boxers as regular clothing. Tonight is a prime example. I was wearing a very lovely skirt and as the day wore on and it hit about 8 pm, instead of switching to pjs, I replaced my skirt with boxers. This outfit still seems completely normal to me and I would wear it out of the house without a second thought.

change out the boxers for a skirt and this was my outfit all day.
I think the reason I don't find wearing boxers as regular clothes/shorts weird is from my time in dance and colorguard (the marching band colorguard not the military one). It is also probably the reason I love wearing things over tights.

2. I have two laptops. A Mac I use all the time and a PC I got for school but now has one very specific purpose; Photoshop! This leads to silly desk maneuvering so I can work on both at the same time.

Why I don't close one while using the other is beyond me.
3. When my ironing board is up (aka all the time) it no longer is useable for ironing as it has become a desk in it's own right. Also, my bookshelf it sits in front of does much more then just hold books.

It has become a serious problem.
4. Even with all the space issues, I still keep silly things on my desk just to make me smile.

The Baron. A mink from my steampunk Mink Hunter costume.

Yes, that is a monocle and top hat he is wearing.

I have had this stuffed animal on my desks for five or so years now.
She has travel to many desks in that time.
5. I have all my pins and convention badges hanging right over my desk. It makes me smile everythime I look at them.

Most come from Harry Potter conventions.
6. I have a habit of keeping food containers to use as storage. Things such as pasta sauce glass containers and most recently, large soup cans.

This can that held lentil soup now holds the supplies for my dad's Christmas gift.
These are just a few silly things I thought I would share. Enjoy!


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  1. Being in colorguard definitely explains the boxers and tights thing! :D