Friday, February 4, 2011

M6246 finished

I finished my cousin's jacket. She sent me the pattern, fabric and buttons like a month or so ago and I just now go to it. Just in time too as I will be seeing her in about a week. It turned out really well and I got to make thread chains, which I haven't done since UWG.

The pattern was McCall's 6246. The outer fabric was a wonderful suiting and the lining was red flannel. 

All finished

Close up on buttons and sash

Thread chain
There is a thread chain on each side of the jacket so that the sash stays attached to the coat. Thread chains are so much fun to make and are very simple to do.

The inside

The shoulders which are pleated.
I am not sure if i like pleated shoulders or not. I enjoy not having to deal with gathering fabric but pleated shoulders always make me feel like I have linebacker shoulders without the shoulder pads. Maybe I'm just too self conscious about my shoulders.

What do you think? Do you like pleated shoulders?


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