Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Halloween Costume

I started on my Halloween costume!

So I know in my last post I said I don't like to start a project and have to put it on hold. Well, that's a bit of a lie I guess, as I have put my coat on hold in order to make my Halloween costume. However, I will get back on track with my coat as soon as this costume is done.

I have been thinking long and hard about what to be for Halloween. I had come up with a number of ideas from Patchwork Doll to Silk Spectre from Watchmen. Finally I hit on an idea that I couldn't get out of my head. Mostly this is because the party I am going to is a masquerade and this costume lends itself to the making of a very fun mask. So I am going to go as Lady Mad Hatter!

My Sketch. Pardon the lack of fine art ability on my part.
So Sunday afternoon I headed out to Hancock Fabric. I found a nice vest pattern, green cotton for the skirt and a very lovely blue cotton with a light blue swirl pattern to it for the vest. The orange sash and bow are going to be made out of the same orange fabric that Launces vest was made from in NFDC's production of Two Gentlemen of Verona. Incidentally it's also the same orange fabric that is one of the sides of my reversible bodice I made for working the Renaissance Faire.

I'm making Vest View C (aka the one with the black collar)
I made the skirt first. I used the skirt of a Simplicity costume dress pattern and just created a waist band and decided to use snaps for the closure. I love circle skirts as they go together really nicely and quickly. I got the skirt done in very little time. Maybe an hour to an hour and  a half.

Cut Shirt pieces and pattern

Finished skirt

Back closure
The vest is also going together really easily. I got it cut and the outside put together minus the collar. I basted the side seams closed in order to see how it fit and what alterations would need to be made to it. I was very surprised to find that it fit amazingly well. I was expecting to have lots of altering to do since I'm using such a cheap pattern. I think the fact that it has a curved bust and back seam instead of darts allowed for the fit to be very true to form.

Nice right?
So today i will be going back up to the barn to finish the vest and to make the sash. After that all I have left for this outfit is to make the hat and mask. I'm very happy with how quickly this costume is comign together. I should have a full outfit post for you very soon.


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