Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long awaited update

So I haven't been as hard at work sewing as I would like but progress has been made. I finished my vest, skirt and sash with giant bow. Now all that is left is my hat, mask and bow tie. 

Finished Vest front
Finished vest back

Button details. They're purposefully mismatched 

The huge bow I made
Front when I tried it all on together. The shirt choice changed later.

The back when I tried it all on. The bow makes me so happy.

So I will be getting the last bit of this costume together this week. I didn't end up finishing everything last week since I had a Halloween event called Beasties at Barrington. NFDC does a haunted story telling even every year the weekend before Halloween and this year I was one of the story tellers. So I busted out my costume I made for Beasties last year when I was a guide. I decided to go much more dead and creepy this year then I did last year. This was the result:

Come play with me!
The best part about this outfit is the fact that the dress used to be a skirt. We try and dress a bit accurate to the time period of the house so around 1900/1910s. This outfit is as historically accurate as it can be since I am not kid sized. 

I went to the thrift store and found a skirt that had ruffles and was big enough to fit over my chest and still be knee length. Then I cut off the elastic on top and the top layer of the skirt. I pinned it at my underarms and sewed a diagonal seam to fit it to me. Once that was done I took the top layer I cut and cut a neckline into it. Then stitched it back to the skirt. With the extra trim I cut off I sewed it back onto the shoulder seams to mask the slapdashness of it all. 

It took about an hour to do this and then I went to town with spray paint to dirty it up. I also spray painted the shirt I found and the Dollar Store teddy bear. This is one of the costumes I am most proud of because of the outside the box thinking I did on it. I tend to have a hard time thinking of ways to use already created garments and turn them into something else. I should find more places to wear this to as it's super comfy and awesome!

Besides finishing my Halloween costume, I still have my jacket in the works and I have a paying costume job. I am making a Regency Short Stay for my friend Jessica. She is in a production of Women Beware Women and they have set it in Regency/Napoleonic era. Since the dresses require the girls to be up on a shelf, Jessie has requested the undergarment that will make this happen. I am excited to get to make this garment again.

Speaking of stays, I think I just might have to buy this long stay pattern for myself: 

1800 - 1820 Regency Stays Pattern by Mantua-Maker

It would be a great challenge and my bust is really to large to use a short stay for anyways. I love the riding corset option on the stay and my hands are itching to do this project. I think for $9 I can allow my inner crazy historical costumer to come out and shine.

On top of the long stay I have been drooling over this Regency coat pattern for about a year now. It so simple and lovely. Regency is not my absolute favorite time period but it still holds a strong/loving place in my heart. The simplicity of it is just stunning. I want to be in photo's like the one below.

Photo by Gabi Reichert (http://www.5reicherts.com/)

Lovely! Just lovely!

I am off now before I just sit and regale you with all the patterns I want to make. Happy sewing and see you soon!


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  1. The new costume is great! And that Beasties one is creepy, in the right way, very awesome.