Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The day has arrived and I wish you all a very fun and spooky Halloween!

Pictures of my finished costume will be coming. I will give you a bit of an accessory teaser. I decided to make a decorate a headband up instead of making a hat and my mask turned out amazingly well.

Close up on the felt flowers
Mask before being attached to the stick
Finished mask. The ribbon "handle" has tea pots on it! :D

Yesterday, my friend Sasha and I got dressed up and went in search of some Halloween fun. We decided to be Flapper Time Travelers but made sure we brought a costume as well.

Me wearing my costume (aka the mustache on a stick)
Sasha letting the statue borrow her costume for a minute.
We ended up finding the Pirates and Wenches Guild at the James Joyce Pub and hung out with them. Eventually a bunch of Steampunks came over once the event at Academy Theatre was over. We ended up sharing the mustache love and talked to some very cool people.

Everybody loves a good finger mustache.
I think a mustache is a good look for Jason especially with a collar like that.
Now on to more Halloween hijinks tonight!


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