Friday, January 28, 2011

List of projects

I feel like I have tons to get to but no time. It's a lie but doesn't stop the feeling. I have plenty of time I just have been a bit of a slack lately. Anyways, here is my ever growing list of projects I have to get to.

  1. Finish a purse I have started.
  2. Make my cousin's coat (this should have been done I while ago. *headdesk*).
  3. Make my other cousin a coat. This requires finding my Vogue coat pattern. I think it's at the theatre.
  4. Make my half sister a dress.
  5. Make my Vogue dress.
  6. Work on a new tutorial (try two).
  7. Make two Hogwarts robes, one Slytherin and one Ravenclaw.

The good news is I have the fabric for almost all of that. I still need outer fabric for one of my cousin's coats and all fabric plus pattern for the robes. Good thing I just got paid.

You should, hopefully, be seeing the fruits of my labor/things from this list very soon.


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