Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who wants a big helping of human head pie?

So I have ventured out of my cave for 10 days to take on a job in Florida that will hopefully result in a full time position. However, before this adventure commenced, I had the pleasure of creating a crazy prop for NFDC once more.

Said prop is a human head pie to be used in our production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged

I took on this challenge knowing that no matter what I do it will be better then the current head pie. Not to sound too cocky or anything, but my pie turned out twenty times better then the old one and actually looks like a pie.


The finished pie

It's great, no? 

The process of making it was a fun one. It started with me spending a solid 15 minutes in Michael's debating with myself about if I should use Sculpy or Model Magic. I chose Model Magic as it doesn't get very hard when dry, is light weight and requires no backing.

I then picked up some acrylic paint. A neutral, not white base colour as well as a tan, brown and burnt red/orange. Plus a medium size brush, clay roller, pie tin, cloth scraps to fill the pie with, hot glue gun, scissors and wax paper. All of which I already had at home.

Before final assembly
I laid out the wax paper, rolled the Model Magic flat, sculpted it to my face, decorated the edges with a fork and let it dry.  Once it was dry, I hot glued it to the pie tin with the fabric inside. Cut off the extra Model Magic and then went to town painting. 

Pie in the middle of trimming
I set the base colour down. Then mixed the tan, brown and red together before painting the outer colour. Let it dry and then TA DA! You're done and are the proud owner of a Human Head Pie.

For added detail there are X's over where the eyes should be.
Side view really shows off the nose.

I had a lot of fun making this prop. Getting to make crazy things like this is why I love theatre so much.


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