Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Star Command Uniform Update

So we're getting towards the end of this chunk up filming for Star Command and I have to say, I'm really excited for the stuff we have yet to film. It's going to involve hillbillies and the boys dress uniform coats.

Said coats are all finished minus Ben and Brian's decorative cord.

Ben looking very excited while modeling his coat

Ben's coat minus cord.

My very mathematical and accurate epaulette creation.
 Besides those bad ass coats, I got to clothe and be a pirate. I play the saucy vixen Red Mary, captain's daughter. Best part about being Red Mary, I don't have to worry about the costume not fitting. Plus I get to wear my red wig and keep a flint lock in my corset top.

Red Mary minus flint lock pistol.
We start filming scenes with the hillbillies this weekend and I can't wait to get pictures of some of the outfits. They're going to be hilarious. Especially once everyone gets painted (aka in make up).

I have 4 more characters left to costume for Star Command. That includes making one more coat for them. But I'm going into that with lots of budget still behind me.

...Maybe the boys will pay me with the remainder of my budget. Probably not but one can dream.

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